Wasteland Hero

Leaving It all Behind

Mission 1

You wake up to the sounds of the guards yelling… “UP! GET UP! ITS TIME TO GET TO WORK”. You open your eyes and find yourself in a dark room, the smell of mildew fills your nostrils as you try to get your bearings. Suddenly a lamp is lit and there is a dim light. You see rotting wood where the window seals used to be, you also see a rusty cross above the door, this was once a holy place… Now it is a nightmare. You quickly get dressed and leave the building. Outside it is still dark, the sun has not risen. You gather around a campfire and are assigned to your work stations for the day. The guards reads out the following names…

(List Character Names) – Report for cleaning duty! Josh, Amber, Timmy – you will be in charge of gathering supplies! George and Mike – You come with me…

You quickly move to the slaver quarters where you will be spending the day cleaning, you are given an old broom and a few worn out linen rags. You begin your work. This is a typical day as a slave; the only thing is today you begin your escape… while cleaning the slaver quarter you find a piece of paper on the desk, this was not an ordinary sheet of paper, it was folded neatly and was fairly new. Out of curiosity you guys unfold it… this reveals a map. It is a map to something called the “Dream World”. You all stare at each other, this isn’t the first time you have hear of the “Dream World” you always hear the slavers talking about this place. This is supposedly a magical place where there is no crime, no slavery, fresh water, and a infinite supply of food… a place that any wastelander would love to go. You quickly fold the map up and put it into your pocket… you continue about your day and go to bed….

The next day you wake up, and gather outside. Today you are put in charge of gathering supplies. You leave the fortress surrounded by guards and head out into the surrounding forests…. This is where your journey begins….



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